Captain Lieselot Heynderickx

Greetings! My name is Lieselot and I’m born and bred in beautiful Belgium (think chocolate, beer and fries), with a passion for adventure, nature and exploration. Armed with a background in Civil Engineering and Geology, I charted a course from the corporate world to the high seas, seeking a life less ordinary. With 8 years full-time at the helm now, I embody the spirit of living fully every day, leaving behind the 9 to 5 for a world of endless horizons. When not navigating, you’ll find me trail running, cycling or striking a pose in yoga – I’m a captain who thrives on both the thrill of the journey and the joy of new connections and I’m very excited to show you around the Virgin Islands and welcome you all aboard “Destiny Unbound”.

Chef Casey Wichman

Chef Casey is Estonian / American and lives in Italy while not on a yacht. She studied fashion and art in NYC before attending culinary school in Florence. For the past four years, Casey has worked as a yacht chef in Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, St.Lucia, and French Polynesia – while also completing her Master’s degree in International Business Management at the European School of Economics. Casey skillfully merges her love for flavor and aesthetics, consistently presenting beautiful dishes. Her curiosity about various cultures and languages deeply influences her culinary art. She also focuses on sourcing fresh, local ingredients, ensuring that each meal she prepares is not only delicious but filled with nutrition.